ERTEK System Structural Skeleton

The Structural Skeleton, which can support multistory buildings, results as the assembly of the structural elements (i.e. foundation units, columns and pre-slabs). After the installation of the pipework, concrete casting is performed. This creates a unified reinforced foundation slab at the lowest level. Before concrete is cast in the pre-slabs, the triangular spaces formed among the pre-slabs' trusses are filled with expanded polysterine, while wire-mesh is positioned on the top as the upper reinforcement of the floor slab. As a consequence a pre-slab functions as both a mold and a part of the floor slab during the concrete casting. The floor slab has the form of a "sandwich slab" that includes both perimetric and diagonal beams. The light weight, as well as the synergy of the structural elements, offer strong emergent anti-earthquake properties: the bearing surface of the foundation slab absorbs part of the earthquake forces, while the remaining part is distributed to the whole skeleton which works as a network, without stressing heavily any particular structural element.

The elimination of the need of industrial infrastructure, scaffolding, timber molds, as well as many other production means, derives from the developmental construction paradigm: the construction works as a tool of its own production.


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