The dominant methods of both the production and the usage of the built space are characterized by high social cost, function incompatibilities, antagonistic relation with the environment, as well as waste of both natural and social resources. This is due to historical reasons. The social, economic and scientific challenge against these methods, which aims to the establishment of alternative ones, also derives from the current historical situation. Within this framework, the "holistic" approach considers both the production and the usage procedures as a unified, integrated, functional system. Holistic approaches appear in new forms of social organization of the production, as well as in the paradigm of "sustainable development". Concepts related to the holistic approach, such as "complexity", "network organization", "self-organization", "adaptability", "developmental processes", "emergent properties" etc, are based on the paradigm of the living world, while they are investigated by current research within the context of system theory. We conclude the holistic approach to the design, the construction, as well as the usage of the built space in the term "integrated building".

In this website we attempt a general presentation of the concept of integrated building, as it emerges from theoretical approaches, academic projects, implemented systems, as well as research and business activities. We also submit an open proposal for either research or professional activity concerning the concept of integrated building. This attempt is devoted in memory of our friend, teacher and collaborator Dimitris Papanikolaou.

The material presented in this website is open. We invite any person interested to contribute in the enrichment of the material by sending comments, project results or references, so that the subject should be covered as soundly as possible. We hope that shortly it will be possible to create a web-forum on the subject.


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