Development of urban units

The development of the construction at the urban scale is followed by the emergence of important properties. The allocation of the building units forms "urban cells" of high functional autonomy. Each cell includes a biological cleaning system. Clean water provided by the system is routed through the "green roofs" were it is filtered, while it contributes to the bioclimatic system (synergy). Then it is channelled to an artificial lake at the southern part of the Village, which is also the lowest part. The lake, which is mainly maintained by the natural water flow of the area, reinforces the water supply while contributes to the formation of the desirable microclimate. The formation of an extensive network of pedestrians' transport through the building units, as well as the incorporation of parking spaces within these units, minimizes the necessary road network. This offers economy in the infrastructure, while makes possible maintenance of the natural environment which also contributes to the microclimate (synergy). The sparse allocation, as well as the extensive planting of the built space contribute to both the visual and the functional unification of the built space with the natural environment.


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