"A System of Residence Space Construction" Assembly of a building construction

The form of the building construction, consistent to the geometric analysis, as well as the formation of all the construction's systems, emerge from the connection of the proper structural elements. The connection can be done manually, as the structural elements lock to each other, without the use of mechanical tools. The manual manipulation, which increases the construction's variability (easy disassembly reassembly by the users according to their casual needs), becomes possible due to the analysis in many small lightweight structural elements.

Secondary geometric structures are formed and specialized as either architectural spaces or floor zones. In this developmental phase of the construction, emergent construction rules assign additional variability to the secondary structures, which results in the multiplication of the system's compositional variability. The linear structural elements embodied in the external wall of the built space may have electromechanical installations. The latter are routed through the floor zones which are supported by an incorporated space-truss constructed according to the geometric analysis. Consequently, the whole construction acquires a network structure with respect to both its static functionality and the distribution of the electromechanical systems.


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