Who are we


This website was created by engineers who intent to work in the field of "integrated building", while they participated in a series of informal meetings with Dimitris Papanikolaou, where issues of the particular field were discussed. Both individuals and business teams who contribute to the creation, as well as the management and further development of this website, are reported below.



Architectural rendering and animation



Lefteris Virirakis,

Elias Drivakos,

Constantinos Kyriazopoulos,

Makis Piniros,

Vlassis Christodoulopoulos.


Boris Papanikolaou, Aeronautical engineer.



"ask architects"

Alexandra Stratou, Architect AAdipl,

Stella Konstantinidis, Architect AAdipl.


Thalia Ioannidou, Architect,

Katerina Lolou, Architect.


Tzella Tangalidou, Architect.